On the Issues

Creating a strong economy in our city and our Commonwealth means building on a foundation formed by several elements – each of which constitutes a complex web of issues.

Public education has always been my priority and my passion.  It is a complex issue with many facets.  I know through my life’s work as a professional educator and my many years of public service as an elected official – there are no quick fixes or political ploys for the challenges that our schools face.

I am committed to preserving, protecting and, when feasible, restoring our natural world through reasonable policy and collective efforts.  Often in communities of great need, environmental issues may seem less of a priority.  But a clean, healthy environment is fundamental to the well-being of all, and especially in areas affected by economic decline.


This legislative session resulted in a long overdue transportation plan.  It is not a perfect plan, but over time it will provide over $1 billion a year in transportation funding and includes substantial funding for regional projects.  We are still challenged with a backlog of transportation projects needed, and there is much work ahead, but the 2013 legislative session marked an important step forwarded.

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